Destia Group

DESTIA - Building the bigger picture

Destia is a Finnish infrastructure and construction service company. We build, maintain and design traffic routes, industrial and traffic environments, as well as complete living environments. Our services cover subterranean construction, extensive overground operations, and range from demanding foundation engineering projects to energy and engineer construction. As Destia possesses versatile expertise, we are able to carry out large-scale, advanced solutions. These solutions promote safe and smooth mobility. We build the bigger picture, piece by piece.

Destia’s customer base includes industrial and business companies, cities, municipalities and government agencies. An extensive network of regional offices in Finland ensures that Destia is always close to its customers.

Destia’s operations are divided into four regional business units and one national business unit

Destia’s business operations are divided into four regional business units: Southern Finland, Western Finland, Eastern Finland and Northern Finland, and the national Consulting Services business unit.

The business of the regional business units includes the construction and maintenance of traffic routes, industrial and traffic environments and the complete living environment, as well as the services of the winter maintenance management centre, Kelikeskus. The Rock Construction, Railway Construction and Maintenance, Aggregates and Fleet units are part of the regional business units. Destia’s operational business unit, Consulting Services, comprises infrastructure engineering, road data collection and analysis, and international consulting. Destia's business operations are also supported nationwide by Destia Engineering with regard to demanding foundation engineering and engineer construction.