Winter Maintenance Management Centre

Unique service in the world for road winter maintenance management

Destia and the Finnish Meteorological Institute combined their know-how in 2002 and The Winter Maintenance Management Centre was established, tasked with serving road maintenance personnel even more efficiently. The Winter Maintenance Management Centre provides the best possible weather forecasts, enabling winter maintenance work to be performed at precisely the right time.

The Winter Maintenance Management Centre has access to the sector's most advanced models and the Finnish Transport Agency's road weather sensors. Solid practical experience of winter weather and winter maintenance of roads enables de-icing to be anticipated efficiently. Working together enables the formation of a good overall view of regional ploughing and de-icing needs over subsequent hours and days.

At the Winter Maintenance Management Centre, experienced meteorologists and experts specialising in winter road maintenance are at road users’ disposal 24 hours a day throughout the winter.

Winter Maintenance Management Centre facilitates winter maintenance of roads and increases safety for road users

Our co-operation highlights the integration of solid weather and meteorological know-how with the most advanced technology in the sector for modelling weather conditions.

If you are interested in our winter maintenance services, please contact us. Our services are available throughout the year.

Customised service for maintenance contractors

The Winter Maintenance Management Centre offers various services for maintenance contractors for winter maintenance management. A package that will best address their needs is put together for each customer.

Weather service for maintenance contractors

We provide via extranet dynamic and real-time weather services – ranging from individual products to comprehensive packages – to support the decision-making of maintenance contractors.

our services

  • Professional weather forecasts by the Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Anticipation of weather conditions in co-operation with Destia and the Finnish Meteorological Institute
  • Emergency requests for mobilisation to work supervisors or directly to drivers
  • Group emergency service reduces the time used for the emergency
  • On-call at weekends and nights
  • A total package is tailored to meet the maintenance needs of each customer

Benefits of our services to customers

  • Reliable information on weather and changes therein and the effect of weather on road conditions
  • Sound anticipation of weather and road conditions results in fewer hazardous situations for road users
  • Correct timing of tasks improves the economic efficiency of operations
  • Customer satisfaction improves
  • Need for work supervisors and maintenance contractors to monitor the weather decreases, which means that costs decrease as well
  • Uninterrupted movement of road users improves
  • Our operations are guided by feedback from the users of the service, which also ensures continuous improvement


We would be pleased to provide a proposal for arranging winter maintenance management to suit your needs.

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Janne Miettinen
Finnish Meteorological Institute
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