Environmental planning and landscape design


We prepare landscape and environmental plans, reports and analyses professionally and listening to the needs of the customer. Our customers include local government, provincial federations, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, the Finnish Transport Agency Trafi and private companies. Our work may consist of independent plans, projects concerning land-use plans or, for example, part of a wider infrastructure project. We carry out landscape and environmental planning and construction at all stages from preliminary planning to implementation planning, construction and maintenance.

We plan, for example, parks, gardens, play parks, street and square environments, recreational areas and tourist destinations. For highway and railway environments, we design not only green structures but also project aesthetics. In planning work and visualisation, we use CAD-based software and geographic information materials.

We plan storm water management from detailed structural block-level plans to extensive regional plans. We also carry out safety audits on play areas, draw up contract documents, monitor landscape development work and prepare landscape management plans. In our plans, we take into account the needs and objectives of the user, the constructor and overall maintenance. In our planning work, we promote the conservation of biodiversity in landscape and environmental construction. We are also actively involved in preparing new guidelines and strategic studies for the sector.


We comprehensively and expertly assess the environmental impact of land-use planning and traffic projects. We carry out the necessary terrain inventories, geographical information analyses and terrain measurements and mappings, utilising the latest inventory tools, software and geographical information materials.

We study different noise and vibration effects at the zoning and planning stages and prepare action programmes or plans to mitigate disturbance. We use CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) noise calculation software in order to assess the noise of, for example, street, road and rail traffic and point-form activity. We draw up the necessary dispersion models and set façade noise levels and acoustic dimensioning. We prepare a comprehensive plan for the construction of noise barriers from the architecture of the barrier to its structural and foundation plans.

We study the amount of storm water using hydraulic and hydrological modelling and prepare plans for storm water management by technical, biological and green construction means. We carry out landscape and cultural environmental studies, assess the impacts they are subject to and make recommendations to improve the landscape and cultural environment. In special cases, we utilise the expertise of our established partners. We also prepare soil sampling plans, applications for different environmental permits and statements on bridge spans.