Destia celebrates Finland's centenary

Building the bigger picture in finland with centuries of experience

Destia's history goes back over 200 years, to the Royal Finnish Rapds Clearing Committee established by Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden. The operations have been extended over the centuries to cover the building, reparation, and maintenance of road network, bridges, railways, harbours, ferries and telegraph lines. Destia has always played a key role in building Finland's infrastructure. We are determined to create a better and more functional Finnish society today and in the future.

Destia is building the bigger picture in Finland to ensure that the makers of the future have a strong foundation and open routes to wherever they wish to go.

Destia takes part of the made by finland campaign

Destia is one of the main partners in the Made by Finland campaign launched by the Association for Finnish work, its members and cooperation organisations to celebrate the centenary of Finland's independence. The campaign will take place throughout the jubilee year, encouraging people to feel proud of Finland's diverse work and shedding light on the work that goes into building Finnish well-being.