Increasing capacity

17.09.2015 09:28:00

An alliance between Finavia and Destia is responsible for the apron extension work at Helsinki Airport.

An alliance between Finavia and Destia is responsible for the apron extension work at Helsinki Airport. The project is expected to be completed in 2020. It includes infrastructure work related to the apron level and taxiways in an area of 45 hectares. This involves excavation, blasting, foundation and concrete construction, high-density structures, asphalt and concrete paving, and drainage and other pipeline operations, as well as electrical and telematics work related to electricity, lighting and control systems.

The total budget for the infrastructure work included in the development project is around EUR 100 million.

“The contract is divided into phases, and it’s not yet possible to say exactly what will be done in which phase. Things may change as the planning progresses,” says Project Manager Jukka-Pekka Saikkonen from Destia.

The alliance procedure means that the client, designers and contractors implement the project in cooperation. Finavia is a member of the contract organisation and its management group.

“The purpose of this operating model is for the client and Destia to share the risks and benefits related to the projects,” says Saikkonen.

The extension of Helsinki Airport is not a traditional infrastructure project, even though it includes traditional infrastructure work. The special features of the busy airport are related to air traffic in the area and support operations located on the airport level. The maintenance, refuelling, loading, unloading and catering of aeroplanes must not be disturbed at any point. The operators in the area must be ensured unhindered access.

“The goals determined by the client emphasise the importance of aviation and occupational safety and a sufficient number of jetways for wide-bodied aircraft. A minimum of six jetways must be available for continuous use, preferably more,” says Saikkonen.

The number of jetways affects customer satisfaction: no slow bus rides from planes to terminals are needed. Finavia also emphasises that the quality of customer service must remain high throughout the project.

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