Urban development

Sustainable urban development

Well-designed infrastructure has a major impact on the functionality and comfort of cities. The residents’ quality of life is improved by seamless connections for both bicycle and pedestrian traffic as well as heavier traffic, and the diverse service offering of a developing city. We offer a wide range of services for sustainable urban development and project development. When it comes to designing urban environments, our strong implementation and maintenance expertise and competence give us an edge. We have a strong sense of infrastructure for a wide range of projects.

We are particularly strong in the development of traffic junctions and other challenging construction sites, for instance, when creating new housing areas or business premises.

We can develop projects entirely on our own, sharing the risk with our partners, or by providing infrastructure and expert services. To support successful project development, we have an extensive network of partners and customers, including property owners and investors, construction companies, users of facilities, city representatives as well as other important players from retail, logistics and industrial companies, for example.

Project development

We offer diverse expertise for various area or real estate development projects. For example, we perform comprehensive project assessments and development and carry out feasibility and profitability surveys. We can coordinate the cooperation between the parties of the project, or act as an investment partner carrying the development risk in complex development projects.

Traffic planning

We offer a wide range of traffic and traffic safety planning services. They include, for example, diverse traffic system designs and reports, road safety assessments, as well as sustainable and safe mobility plans. We review solutions primarily from the viewpoints of user safety and good service level.

Landscape design

Our projects include landscape plans and urban designs of playgrounds, sports facilities, residential yards, market squares and other public urban environments. We prepare plans and designs of urban parks, recreational areas and green spaces in conjunction with other urban infrastructure. We design comfortable environments that are sustainably implemented and maintained and take into account the unique and local features and values of the area and the users’ needs.

Environmental planning

All dimensions of sustainability are premises in our designs. We provide environmental reports, plans and impact assessments tailored to our customers’ needs. When assessing wide environmental, cultural and social impacts, we take into account also future changes of circumstances.

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