Tahkoluoto bulk terminal

Tahkoluoto bulk terminal

The Tahkoluoto bulk terminal contract included excavation work, concrete work and water supply and sewerage work at the new Tahkoluoto port unit processing bulk materials. The contract was carried out in the operating port area. The customer was Oy Rauanheimo Ab.

The project included building structures that are required by the system automatically processing bulk materials arriving by railway. These were concrete structures, water supply and sewerage systems in the area, underground casing and cable manholes for the electrical systems, roads and foundation structures for the bulk material storage grounds, including abutment walls. The project also included special structures: new stringer and tracks 220 m cast on-site for the wharf crane and underground concrete structures for the railway turntable in a waterproof excavation 15 meters deep and supported by bored piles.

The project in numbers:

  • 4,700 m3 of concrete
  • 450,000 kg of reinforcements
  • 130,000 solid cubic meters of digging
  • 95,000 solid cubic meters of filling
  • 1,350 solid cubic meters of quarrying

Customer: Oy Rauanheimo Ab

Contract time: 2019-2020