Service level measurements of surfaced roads in Finland, Sweden and Azerbaijan

A service level measurement (SLM) is used to gather up-to-date information on the condition of a roadway and its base structures. To support its decisions, Destia has been collecting the necessary data about the condition of the road network for the Finnish Transport Agency since 2008. The contract is valid until 2019. This work is overseen by the Consulting Services business unit, which is also running an equivalent road surface profile measurement project for the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) and road authorities in Azerbaijan.

On the surfaced road network, Destia is measuring the depths of grooves in the roads, longitudinal and lateral road irregularities and road surface characteristics, such as surface roughness. SLMs generate road evenness profiles as well as groove and camber-related data, while geometrical road measurements generate data concerning hilliness and average curvature. The customer can use the data obtained to analyse the present state of the road network as well as to plan and budget for future needs.

Further information:
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