National Road 5 Mikkeli-Nuutilanmäki

National Road 5 Mikkeli-Nuutilanmäki project started in 2018 and it will be completed by 2021. Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency is the customer of the project. The project improves traffic safety as well as the flow of traffic. In addition, land use between Mikkeli and Juva is developed.

Destia implements the first phase of the contract and builds a new road between Mikkeli and Nuutilanmäki. The road will have two lanes in both directions. In addition, we construct new bridges and conduct rock cutting.

The project in numbers:

  • Number of person-years about 450
  • 23 new bridges
  • 1 repaired bridge
  • About 1.4 million cubic metres of rock cutting
  • About 1.8 million cubic metres of land masses moved

Customer: Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency

Contract time: 2018-2021

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In Finnish: Destia tositoimissa vt5 Mikkeli-Nuutilanmäki -hankkeessa