09.09.2009 00:00:00

Hannu Leinonen has been appointed as Destia’s new CEO and President as of 1st October, 2009.

Previously Hannu has been working as a Member of the Board of SRV Yhtiöt and as the CEO and President of YIT. Before that he has gathered experience in the service of Sonera, Skanska and Haka.

- We needed an experienced construction trade professional and an experienced business leader. In this respect Hannu Leinonen has just the perfect background for Destia today and to come. He has an excellent reputation as a positive and encouraging leader, says Destias Chairman of the Board, Eeva-Liisa Virkkunen.

- Destia has a skilful personnel and the company is right now in an interesting phase. I haven’t been working in an infra-company before. Really an interesting challenge that I took with excitement and joy when it was presented to me, says Hannu Leinonen.

Further information:
Chairman of the Board, Destia Ltd.
Eeva-Liisa Virkkunen

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