Destia Traffic and Mercedes-Benz bring traffic information directly to the car

11.02.2009 00:00:00

Destia Traffic, part of Destia Ltd specialising in traffic information and its processing, has signed a cooperation agreement with Mercedes-Benz in order to bring traffic information directly to the car. Destia Traffic and Mercedes-Benz offer Finnish drivers precise, real-time information on traffic and weather conditions.

“We are very happy with the cooperation agreement with Mercedes-Benz. This is our first contract with a car manufacturer. Drivers can trust they will receive reliable, real-time traffic information provided by Destia Traffic directly to the factory-installed navigators in their cars. Dynamic traffic information boosts the safety, speed, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness of daily driving", Tuomo Eloranta, Unit Head of Destia Traffic states.

Drivers receive real-time traffic information directly to their RDS-TMC traffic information receiver devices. The TMC-service will be introduced first with factory-installed navigators in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, to be launched in Finland in late March. Later this year, the TMC service will be added for other Mercedes-Benz models.

Real-time traffic information makes the daily life easier for the driver. Receiving traffic information with the navigation system facilitates driving as the driver is able to, for example, avoid serious traffic jams and predict changes in weather conditions.

The Mercedes-Benz navigator helps the driver to select the fastest and most convenient route to the destination. If a traffic jam is forming on the way due to an accident or other circumstances, the system suggests a more convenient alternative route. Traffic warnings affecting the planned route appear on the navigator screen, and the navigator automatically suggests an alternative route.

More information:
Destia Traffic
Unit Head Tuomo Eloranta, tel. +358 40 540 5292,
Service Manager Jarkko Jaakkola, tel. +358 40 525 9336,

Veho Group Oy Ab, Mercedes-Benz passenger cars
Product Manager Pauli Eskelinen, tel. +358 500 722 910,
Communications Manager Karin Bäcklund, tel. + 358 50 383 4490

Correction to press release
Mercedes-Benz models with factory-installed navigators including TMC-service will unfortunaly be avaible in Finland later this summer.

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