Destia’s Board of Directors ratifies strategy, financial targets and streamlines organisation

01.10.2010 14:30:00

The Destia Ltd Board of Directors has ratified the new company strategy and financial targets for the strategic period 2011–2013. The key focus area of the strategy is restoring business profitability and strengthening the company’s position in core business areas. Destia aims to be among the most profitable infrastructure and construction service companies in Finland. To reach these goals, the Board set the following financial targets:

  • Growth rate of core business should exceed overall market growth
  • Operating profit at 4 %
  • Return on investment at 15 %
  • Equity ratio at 35 %

In order to realise the strategy and meet the set targets, Destia Ltd will streamline its organisational structure as of January 1st 2011. Five regional and three operational business units will be founded in the company in order to ensure operational cost-efficiency. The new organisational structure will enable decision-making closer to our staff and customers and pursue a firmer hold of project outputs.

The new business units and their directors are: Southern Finland: Jouni Karjalainen, Western Finland: Seppo Ylitapio, South-Western Finland: Marko Vasenius, Eastern Finland: Pasi Kailasalo, Cap of the North: Olavi Nätti, Railways (including Destia Kalusto Oy): Veli Hyyryläinen, Rocks (including pavement, mining and rock material business): Minna Heinonen and Consulting Services (including planning and design services, survey and analysis services and international consulting): Jukka Raudasoja. The new business organisation structure will be introduced on 1 January 2011.

Hannu Kulju will lead the construction process and Kalevi Katko will lead the management and maintenance process. The processes include customer solutions, development, and issues regarding quality, environment and safety.

The existing business groups and service units will operate in their current form until the end of the year.

Pirkko Salminen will continue as the Group’s CFO, Aki Markkola as the General Counsel, Sari Kuittinen-Tihilä as Executive Vice President, Personnel and Miia Apukka as Senior Vice President, Communications.

– The new region-based structure allows us to utilise our regional resources more efficiently and to ensure the company’s competitiveness and success in the future, says Hannu Leinonen, President and CEO.

More information:
Hannu Leinonen, President and CEO, tel. +358 20 444 4000

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