Compulsory online induction


Destia has introduced an online induction course for occupational safety. The induction is compulsory for all Destia employees and subcontractors before they start work on the company’s site.

The online induction course provides the fundamentals of our company and its approach to safe management and work. After the person has successfully completed the course, the induction of each employee and subcontractor will continue on site at the project, with introduction to the construction site and the different stages.

There are two alternative ways to complete the course:

  • Induction on site

Primarily, the induction course is carried out by the project management at the construction site. The online induction takes approx. 30 minutes to complete. In addition, there are a few tasks and a final exam at the end of the online course. The answers to these are discussed together with the group.

After the completion of the induction course, the management enters the names of the people involved in the session to the system. The registry records the name of each person, tax number, employer and business ID as well as the name of the manager giving the induction. This same information is also recorded to the project’s personnel and admittance list. Once the induction course has been completed, it is valid for two years.

  • Induction done independently prior to entry to the site

Alternatively, the induction course can be done independently before coming to Destia’s project site.

Sign in to the online introduction course via this link and enter the identification information: name, tax number, employer and business ID.

Go through the material independently and complete the exam at the end of the course. After the course has been successfully completed the personal information of the person is logged in the system registry. When entering the site, tell about completing the induction course online. The site management will check for the information from the registry.

Processing note (pdf)