Destia Personnel

Skilled and thriving Destia personnel

At Destia we believe that long-term investment in human resources development is the best way to ensure our future competitiveness. We put the emphasis on good management, the aim of which is motivated and committed employees, employee welfare, and job satisfaction.

Destia employs around 1,700 experts in different fields. We employ experts in the building of infrastructure, its design and maintenance. Our comprehensive range of services offers interesting opportunities for employment for experts in the field nationwide.

Robust investment in human resources development

Changes in the sector and the increase in digitalisation require the long-term development of staff skills. Special attention is focused on, for example, improved customer relationship management, engineering construction and automation expertise at sites.

We also invest in improving our staff's qualifications. Important qualifications include those to do with road safety, the occupational safety card, railway work safety qualifications and a professional lorry driver qualification.

We measure the satisfaction of our employees with their job, manager, work community and the company as a whole. Key issues are well-being at work and work motivation.

Supervisors play a key role

Destia's strategy relies on good supervision. Supervisors play a key role, as the aim is motivated and committed employees, employee welfare, and job satisfaction. Supervisor work is one of the scorecard targets for supervisors and is therefore also a basis for the performance reward scheme.

At Destia, a supervisor is responsible for ensuring that there is frank, open and constructive discussion on all work-related matters. Participation in discussion is the right and obligation of all Destia personnel. At Destia, supervisors set a good example in the implementation of responsible work practices. Each supervisor must hold regular development discussions with their subordinates.

Clear employer and employee principles

Responsibility is part of our corporate culture. This also means strict ethical requirements in the work of the company’s board, management, other personnel and partners.

At Destia, there is a respect for an employee's basic rights and the collective and other agreements that are binding on the company. At Destia, everyone is treated equally and assessment is based on performance. Employees are selected on the basis of suitability for the job, experience and education. Decisions on an employee's employment relationship and its financial rewards adhere to the guidelines given and always at least to the 'one over' principle. The person making the decision is therefore the supervisor's superior.

Destia wants to guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for all its employees. By ensuring that the employer and employees act responsibly, we prevent occupational accidents and health risks and improve working conditions.

Everyone who works at Destia is responsible for his or her own decisions and work. We ourselves are responsible for ensuring that we work efficiently and safely and that our approach is honest. We are worthy of the trust placed in us. We are responsible for creating a good working environment and maintaining it.