connecting northern life

Destia’s operations have a significant impact on the society, the environment and the company’s stakeholders, making our field of corporate responsibility multifaceted.

Our corporate responsibility work is guided by our mission, purpose, values and strategy. Our values define that we strive to achieve our goals fairly, together, renewing and succesfylly. Our purpose of connecting northern life requires responsible operations, both from us and from those who work with us.

Destia’s stakeholders and interaction partners

Destia builds, maintains and designs traffic and industrial environments. We are part of a value chain that comprises a large group of players and stakeholders. The vital interaction takes place between us and our customers. Many of our projects have a direct impact on the everyday life of the infrastructure users as well as the people and businesses in the vicinity.

The form and significance of stakeholder interaction are determined by the nature of Destia’s business operations and value chain.


The importance of and interaction with stakeholders

Customers and clients

Our customers include government organisations, municipalities, cities, industrial enterprises and other businesses. Of our stock of contracts, a significant part comprises long-term projects and service contracts with general government and companies.

Owner, financiers and shareholders

Destia was transferred to the ownership of Ahlström Capital on 1 July 2014 when Ahlström Capital purchased the entire shareholding in Destia Ltd from the State of Finland. Destia Ltd continues as a successful, dynamic market player.


Our skilled and motivated personnel serve our customers and infrastructure users daily all over Finland. Human resource development is one of our strategic areas of focus.

Subcontractors and partners

We work with thousands of suppliers every year. Our procurement operations are mainly with local service providers. In our operations, we make use of a network of reliable suppliers.

Infrastructure users, neighbours

We pay particular attention to the safety of and communication with the users of the infrastructure and the multitude of people living and working in our vicinity.


In our field of business, quality, safety and environmental aspects are some of the key elements considered in providing services. We comply with the general requirements as set out in the legislation and the special requirements of each project or service contract.


Infrastructure is an essential element of Finland’s success and smooth everyday life. Political decision-makers contribute to creating the operating environment in which we offer our services nationwide. Public spending is controlled through transparency and strict rules for competitive tendering. We do not support any political parties.

Essentiality Chart: presenting Destia’s corporate responsibility

Created in autumn 2013 by combining the views of Destia’s employees and a dialogue with stakeholders, the essentiality chart is our tool for formulating and managing corporate responsibility policies, and it serves as the foundation for our corporate responsibility programme.

The aspects of our corporate responsibility considered the most important are located in the upper right section of the chart. They constitute the key content of our corporate responsibility and GRI reporting, and we annually set targets, measures and indicators for them. 

Managing corporate responsibility

Responsible operations in our daily work and management are guided by our corporate responsibility programme and ethical guidelines. The corporate responsibility programme is based on the themes fundamental to responsibility as outlined by us and our stakeholders. The ethical guidelines describe the operating principles accepted in our company, which create a common basis for our decision-making and operations. Our common operating principles define the Destia spirit, our shared ethically sustainable and responsible way of doing business.

The Board of Directors is in charge of strategic steering and control. The CEO and the Management Team are in charge of the goals and results of the corporate responsibility programme. Corporate responsibility matters are handled regularly by the Management Team.

The focus areas, goals and key measures related to corporate responsibility are defined in the corporate responsibility programme adopted by the Management Team and the Board of Directors. The results of the corporate responsibility programme are regularly communicated to the personnel and other interested parties.

Corporate responsibility reporting

In corporate responsibility reporting, we follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting guidelines and their G4 version at the core level.