Responsible employer

We want to succeed responsibly

Responsibility guides everything we do. Therefore, as an employer, it is very important for us to take responsibility for everyone at Destia. Destia is a constantly renewing company, where all employees can feel that they are engaged in meaningful work as part of a winning team.

Our values and our leadership promise guide our behaviour, decision-making, and supervisory work in all situations in everyday life. The members of our winning team learn from each other and through working.

In 2021, we were the fourth most responsible large employer in Finland (Responsible Employer Survey, category of large organisations 1,000+ employees).

We are constantly developing as a responsible employer

We are participating in Oikotie’s Responsible Employer campaign. We are committed to creating a better working life for you and everyone else in the infrastructure sector, in accordance with our values and the campaign principles.

1. Non-discrimination

We treat everyone equally, fairly, and with respect. We also participate in the Työ ei syrji (“Work does not discriminate”) campaign organised by the Confederation of Finnish Industries and have zero tolerance for discrimination.

2. Work-life balance and well-being

Personnel well-being is our priority. We respect the work-life balance of our personnel.

3. Contributing to supervisory work

In accordance with our leadership promise, your supervisor is present, gives responsibility, encourages, and sets a good example in implementing responsible practices.

4. Meaning of work and personal development

We enable your development, and the significance of your work can be seen all over Finland.

5. Remuneration in accordance with the demands of the position

Our remuneration principles are based on our values. You will be rewarded based on your performance. The remuneration system is competitive, encouraging, fair, clearly communicated, and attractive.

6. Good candidate experience

We rely heavily on value-based recruitment and are looking for people whose values are in line with ours. We will also ensure that you have a positive experience throughout the entire recruitment process.

Responsible summer jobs for young people

We are also involved in Oikotie’s Responsible Summer Job campaign and are committed to providing young people with quality summer jobs in line with the campaign’s principles. We ensure that our summer employees get an excellent summer work experience.

1. Good candidate experience

Every year, we hire more than 200 summer employees and communicate the progress of the recruitment process to the applicants. At the end of the recruitment process, our candidates are welcome to give us anonymous feedback about their experience.

2. Meaningful work

We are aware of our important role as the provider of first work experiences for many young people. We want to create you a job description that allows you to influence the development of your own expertise.

3. Onboarding and guidance

Onboarding plays a central role in our work, and we do it both on site, in our online learning environment and through summer employee induction sessions. Your colleagues will be there to support you and help you learn your duties and work habits.

4. Fairness and equality

To us, all Destia employees are of equal value, and we treat everyone equally. We also participate in the Työ ei syrji (“Work does not discriminate”) campaign and have zero tolerance for discrimination.

5. Reasonable pay

In accordance with the recommendations, we offer you a salary based on the progress of your studies and your previous work experience. Your salary will increase the further your studies progress.

6. Written contract and testimonial

We conclude a written employment contract with all our employees. At the end of the employment relationship, the supervisor and the summer employee will have a feedback discussion, in which the possibility of continuing as an employee will be considered and discussed.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Do you have questions about the recruitment process or working at Destia? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you.

Mikko Niiranen

HRD Specialist & HR Business Partner