Join us in designing tomorrow’s infrastructure!

As a designer, you get to do meaningful work in an environment where your expertise is appreciated. To balance work, enjoy work, and support comprehensive well-being, we offer you flexibility in working hours, teleworking opportunities, and more.

Your expertise is trusted

We will give you a lot of responsibility and people will depend on you. We will not hover over your shoulder; we will be open and listen to you. We give our experts the opportunity to develop and participate in different coaching programmes.

Creating a more functional society

We all do work that matters now and in the future. As a designer, you create conditions for sustainable mobility and make the surrounding world more functional.

We ensure a healthy work-life balance

Personnel safety and well-being are our priority. It is important to us that you take care of yourself both at work and in your free time. We want to support your well-being in a variety of ways, including comprehensive employee benefits.

Sustainable design

We take environmental impacts into account at the design stage and innovate new ways of working in the infrastructure sector to reduce the environmental load. We engage in systematic efforts to improve our eco-efficiency, minimise environmental impacts, and conserve biodiversity.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

Do you have questions about the recruitment process or working at Destia? Do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help you.

Lotta Lukka

HRD Specialist

Join us in designing tomorrow’s infrastructure!

We have job opportunities in the design department throughout the year.