Destia's Year 2014  

Destia's Year 2014

Profitable growth by winning in the market

Destia’s strategy covers the period 2014−2022. Financial targets are for the 2014−2016 business planning period. The key focus of the growth strategy is to grow profitably on the infrastructure market through good customer work and by making good use of in-house expertise.

Destia’s core business comprises large road projects and infrastructure maintenance requiring special expertise. The focus areas of Destia’s strategic growth are in the Rock and Railways businesses and in energy construction. At Destia, we are investing strongly in the development of customer work. Human resources development remains a strategic focus area of the company.

Strategic choices

  • The most interesting projects are major road projects requiring special expertise such as engineering/concrete construction or strong and experienced project management. Together with maintenance contracts, these form the basis of Destia’s work load and provide ongoing visibility.
  • Destia’s business relies on strong core businesses, which co-operate closely in a matrix.
  • Value-added services and partner networks support the core businesses, so that Destia can produce for its customers total solutions in order to satisfy infrastructure needs throughout the life cycle.
  • Destia distinguishes itself from its competitors as an infrastructure company cost-effectively providing the best customer service and demanding solutions.
  • Geographically, Destia offers its services nationwide. The regional position is strengthened through "Destia's Designated Partner" partnerships.At the core of competitiveness are efficient and innovative work, strong development efforts in the area of selected method technologies, active customer work, the speed of operations and an efficient cost structure.
  • Destia’s way of operating is characterised by a will to be on the front line, close to the customer.
  • The development of personnel is still the company’s strategic area of focus.

financial objectives for the 2014−2016 business planning period

  • Average growth of 5 % per year
  • Operating profit (EBIT) ratio 4 % by the end of 2016
  • Return on investment ratio 15 % by the end of 2016
  • Equity ratio 40 % by the end of 2016

Corporate responsibility as part of Destia’s strategy

Destia’s main goal is to be our customers’ first choice for a partner and the leading player in the Finnish infrastructure business. Putting the company strategy into practice requires responsible actions from both us and our partners. In 2014, this was crystallised into a corporate responsibility programme based on what the company, its stakeholders and other parties viewed as key themes related to responsibility. Destia’s corporate responsibility programme is a guide for the daily implementation and management of corporate responsibility.