Destia's Year 2014  

Destia's Year 2014

Essentiality Chart: presenting Destia’s corporate responsibility

The Essentiality Chart provides a tool for laying out and managing Destia’s corporate responsibility and a foundation for the corporate responsibility programme. The chart is based on a combination of views reflecting the views of Destia personnel and the dialogue with stakeholders and other parties. The most important aspects of corporate responsibility are placed in the upper right field. These comprise the key content of Destia's corporate responsibility and GRI reporting. They are assigned goals, measures and indicators.

Managing corporate responsibility

Destia’s corporate responsibility is guided by the company’s mission, vision, values and strategy. The operating principles approved by the Group are described in Destia’s ethical guidelines, as is the Group’s commitment to implementing the guidelines and monitoring its compliance with them. The ethical guidelines provide security for the continuity and reliability of the company’s operations and a consistent basis for decision-making and operations.

The Board of Directors is in charge of strategic steering and control. The President & CEO and the Communications Director report to the Board on the progress of corporate responsibility. The CEO and the Management Team are in charge of the goals and results of the corporate responsibility programme.

Corporate responsibility matters are handled regularly by the Management Team. Work on corporate responsivity is planned, coordinated and implemented by the Corporate Responsibility Team chaired by the Communications Director. Members of the team include Destia experts with a wide range of skills and responsibilities that cover the essential themes of the company's corporate responsibility.

The focus areas, goals and key measures related to corporate responsibility are defined in the corporate responsibility programme adopted by the Management Team and the Board of Directors. The results of the corporate responsibility programme are regularly communicated to the personnel and other interested parties.

Corporate responsibility reporting

In its corporate responsibility reporting, Destia complies with the Global Reporting Initiative, version G4, guidelines for core-level reporting. Corporate responsibility reporting is incorporated into Destia’s annual report. In addition, a GRI compilation has been carried out on the year 2014. The reporting period is the calendar year.