Destia's Year 2014  

Destia's Year 2014

Total solutions for the entire life cycle

Destia’s range of services is extensive, covering the entire infrastructure life cycle from planning to maintenance. The diversity of Destia’s expertise enables it to take responsibility for parts of projects or extensive projects in their entirety on the turnkey principle.

In 2014 Destia’s operations divided into four regional and two operational business units. The regional business units offering infrastructure construction and maintenance are: Southern Finland, Western Finland, Eastern Finland and Northern Finland. Their business includes the construction and maintenance of traffic routes, industrial and traffic environments and the complete living environment, as well as the services of the winter maintenance management centre, Kelikeskus.

The Special Construction business unit is an operational unit responsible for railway construction and railway infrastructure maintenance, rock and mining construction and aggregates services. The business of Destia’s other operational business unit, Consulting Services, comprises design, survey and international consulting.

A growing, profitable and cost-effective business

The aim of Destia's financial responsibility is to generate well-being and create sustainable economic added value. This happens best through the development and offering of top quality services for customers and by responding to the shareholder's profit expectations through a good return on investment ratio and a healthy equity ratio. Destia is also keen to provide jobs, create financial well-being for stakeholders by means of its procurement and investments, and ensure that taxes and tax-like liabilities are actually paid.

For Destia to be able to respond to these expectations, the business needs to grow, show a profit and be cost-effective. In 2014, Destia's equity ratio was 29.4 % and Destia subgroup's 34.3 % (44.0 %). Destia's revenue from continuing operations was MEUR 261.8 and Destia subgroup's MEUR 431.5 (489.7).

Financial responsibility in the construction industry means that companies are responsible for ensuring that customers receive the services and structures that they need at the agreed price and quality and on schedule. Throughout the entire life cycle, the infrastructure created must be able increasingly to meet the changing needs of its users. Satisfying the needs of customers and generating financial well-being require efficient, competitive and healthy business operations and perseverance.


Destia Group Oyj is Destia Ltd’s parent company, which was established in connection with the ownership arrangement of Destia and which owns 100 per cent of Destia Ltd’s shares. The annual report reports on the financial development of Destia Group for 1 July 2014–31 December 2014 and comparative figures do not exist for Destia Group. As additional information the figures for the Destia subgroup for the entire year 2014 are provided on the annual report including comparative figures from last year. In the annual report, which includes the corporate responsibility report, business operations are described concerning the entire year 2014.