Destia's Year 2014  

Destia's Year 2014

Destia is a Finnish infrastructure and construction service company. We build, maintain and design traffic routes, industrial and traffic environments, as well as complete living environments. Our services cover the whole spectrum, from comprehensive overground operations to subterranean construction. Thanks to our well-rounded expertise, we at Destia implement major solutions on a large scale, paving the way for safe and smooth mobility. We build the bigger picture, piece by piece.

Destia’s customer base includes government agencies, business companies, cities, municipalities and industrial. An extensive network of regional offices in Finland ensures that Destia is always close to its customers.

In 2014, the revenue of the Destia was over €430 million. The Destia Group comprises the parent company Destia Group Oyj and Destia subgroup. Destia employs about 1,500 people. The company is an expert organisation offering a supportive atmosphere and wide-ranging opportunities for experts in the infrastructure industry.



Building the Bigger Picture.

We at Destia build, maintain and design our living environment so that it is more efficient and safe. We professionally create high-quality solutions and services utilising the most developed working methods in the industry.


Achieving goals fairly, boldly and skilfully.

Our operations are based on fairness, boldness and skill, and through these we achieve our goals. We are fair with our customers, partners and each other. We create responsible infrastructure solutions with boldness and skill, building the bigger picture, piece by piece.


We are the number one choice for our customers and number one in the infrastructure sector in Finland.

We are committed to making Destia grow profitably and making it a producer of complete infrastructure services providing the best customer service. Of Destia’s stock of contracts, a significant part comprises long-term projects and service contracts with both the public and private sectors.


Destia Group Oyj is Destia Ltd’s parent company, which was established in connection with the ownership arrangement of Destia and which owns 100 per cent of Destia Ltd’s shares. The annual report reports on the financial development of Destia Group for 1 July 2014–31 December 2014 and comparative figures do not exist for Destia Group. As additional information the figures for the Destia subgroup for the entire year 2014 are provided on the annual report including comparative figures from last year. In the annual report, which includes the corporate responsibility report, business operations are described concerning the entire year 2014.