Building the Bigger Picture  

Building the Bigger Picture

Active participation in social activity

As a significant actor in the field, Destia participates in the development of the whole infrastructure sector with other companies in the field. The company is also actively involved in the operations of different organisations. In that way, we can ensure the success of the field and promote taking care of important matters from the point of view of Destia’s business.

Destia is a significant service company in the infrastructure and construction sector, whose operations have a strong impact on society, the environment and other company stakeholders. We are a major employer and our service affects the lives of many Finns, both nationally and locally. Because of this, Destia wants to be involved in the development of the whole infrastructure sector with other parties in the field. In that way, we can ensure that the industry succeeds and can attract the best experts now and in the future.

Active work in societies and organisations

Destia has an influence both as a company and through personal memberships in many different associations and organisations. Destia participates in the activities of, among other things, associations and organisations in the energy, construction, road construction and service sectors. Every Destia employee has the right to participate in social issues. The starting point is that a Destia representative should be actively involved in the operation of the society, preferably as a member of the board, a relevant working group or some other body. Destia does not support political or religious organisations.

Through the associations and organisations selected, Destia influences and promotes transparently the taking care of matters and decision-making important from a perspective of its business.

Ten years of support for Suomen Tiepalvelumiehet

In 2014, Destia continued the tradition that has proven to be good in previous years of not giving Christmas gifts to customers and partners and instead donating funds to Suomen Tiepalvelumiehet STM Ry to support their voluntary work for the good of road users.

Suomen Tiepalvelumiehet STM ry has been working for the good of road users for 43 years. There are about 100 active members of the society operating all over Finland. They do not take any separate payment for their assistance with the exception of parts that may have to be bought and filling with fuel.

The development of customer practices

Destia engages in active dialogue with its largest customer, the Finnish Transport Agency, about the development of customer practices, procurement models and risk-sharing. Destia has presented its views on, for example, the challenges of competitive tendering. Destia hopes to develop the tendering process so that the customer defines the desired end product as accurately as possible, which the service provider can then implement in the way it considers to be best.

Destia’s memberships in different societies and organisations

  • Finnish Energy Industries
  • Finnuclear Association
  • Infra Contractors Association In Finland
  • Association Of Finnish Advertisers
  • Finnish Tunnelling Association
  • Service Sector Employers Palta
  • Nordic Road Council Finnish Division
  • Pohjois-Suomen Rakennusklusteri ry (Construction cluster of Northern Finland)
  • BuildingSMART Finland 
  • Finnish Quality Association
  • Finnish Road Association
  • Finnish Association Of Consulting Firms Skol
  • Tieveteraanit Ry (Road veterans)
  • General Industry Federation
  • Also memberships in different regional chambers of commerce to promote local networking.