Building the Bigger Picture  

Building the Bigger Picture

Sustained work, honestly and fairly

We want to be the first company that our customers think of when they need a reliable versatile specialist in the field of infrastructure and construction. It is also important for us to be the most attractive partner for our whole network of partners. Customer satisfaction is one of the indicators telling how well we are succeeding in our work.

Customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of Destia’s responsibility and an essential part of its strategy. Destia’s aim is to be the number one choice for its customers, a trusted partner and a pioneer in its field. We also want to be the most attractive partner in the implementation of infrastructure services for our other partners. We believe that the job satisfaction of Destia’s own personnel has a great significance for customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction part of overall project management

Customer satisfaction is an essential part of Destia’s overall project management. Customer satisfaction is monitored systematically and clear project-specific and Destia-level targets are set for it. Customer feedback received is carefully analysed and, based on it, improvement measures are implemented. These measures are reported transparently within Destia.

The most important way to measure customer satisfaction is project feedback which is reported quarterly and the net popularity index. In 2014, customer satisfaction improved to 4.1 (3.9 in 2013). The net popularity index indicates how large a share of Destia’s customers would recommend Destia, improving to 7 (-8). Improvement in customer satisfaction is linked to Destia’s strategic indicators.

Based on the feedback we receive from customers and partners, our stakeholders expect from Destia above all responsible operations in accordance with contracts, innovation and a successful service package. The deepening of work with customers and the development of operating practices is continuing in 2015 as part of Destia’s strategic development programme.

The right attitude

Destia pays particular attention to the service attitude of its employees. Listening to the customer, a ‘Yes, we can!’ attitude and encouraging employees to resolve customer challenges creatively are an important part of the development of customer work and project management. At the core of working for Destia is the principle according to which Destia employees do sustained and good work honestly and fairly – always thinking of what is best for the customer.


“Destia endeavours to take the whole infrastructure sector forward.”

Markku Tervo, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
“Destia’s quality system and description of operations are very comprehensive.”
Jouko Miettinen, Savon Voima

Customer satisfaction