Building the Bigger Picture  

Building the Bigger Picture

Correct, adequate and timely information

Communication is part of all Destia’s operations. Active dialogue and broad interaction between all stakeholders and other parties create an open communication culture where all parties have an opportunity to be heard.

The aim of Destia’s external communications is to present Destia as an attractive, interesting and competitive company. The goal of internal communications is to help Destia employees understand the basic messages of the company strategy and the company's vision, mission and corporate values.

Internal and external communication, marketing and brand management

Destia's communications are centralized Group communications decided on by the company’s management and coordinated by the Communications unit. The Communications unit is in charge of informing stakeholders of company issues and takes care of Destia's internal and external communications, marketing and brand management. It aims at providing correct, adequate and timely information to various parties regularly and simultaneously.

Communication is part of all Destia operations. We inform our staff of matters regarding them openly, honestly and without delay. We have a positive approach to working with the media, as we want to foster good relations with them and help them to find the most knowledgeable experts for their enquiries. We are committed to openness, reliability and speed in all our communications.

At Destia, communication means active dialogue between stakeholders. We encourage our staff to have an open dialogue with both the management and their colleagues. Each Destia employee has an opportunity to make a difference, provide feedback and make themselves heard.

Development of communication channels

In 2014, Destia developed its communication channels as follows: At the start of the year, we launched a revamped online service, updated the concept for our customer magazine Via and boosted the recognizability of Destia’s on-site look through our ILME brand management programme. We also launched the development of our intranet, Desnet, and began to develop our operating system. We published news about projects we had won and about our ongoing projects during the year and other topical issues actively.

We measure the effectiveness of both our internal and external communication. The effectiveness of internal communication is measured on the basis of grades given in employee satisfaction surveys for communication and the understandability of messages related to the strategy. The effectiveness of external communication is reflected in the annual VIP corporate image survey conducted by Taloustutkimus, which measures the recognizability of our company and gives an overall grade for the company.

On the scale of 1 to 5, the staff graded their own understanding of the company strategy 3.8 (3.7 in 2013). Internal communication was graded 3.5 (3.3). In the 2014 VIP corporate image survey, Destia was the second best recognized company in the construction business. The overall grade for Destia was 6.6, the same as in 2013. Destia aims at becoming the best known and the most highly regarded company in the industry.

In autumn 2013, we begun developing and reporting Destia’s corporate responsibility, which resulted in a Global Reporting Initiative G4 corporate responsibility report in 2014. We continue to develop our corporate responsibility and the related reporting further.