Building the Bigger Picture  

Building the Bigger Picture

Destia’s stakeholders and interaction partners

We plan, design, build and maintain industrial and traffic environments. We are part of a value chain that comprises a large group of players and stakeholders. The most significant interaction takes place between Destia and its customers. Many of our projects have an impact on the immediate users of the infrastructure and the everyday life of people and businesses in our operating areas.

Stakeholders The importance of and interaction with stakeholders

Customers and clients

Destia’s customer base includes industrial and business companies, cities, municipalities and government agencies. A significant part of Destia’s contracts comprises long-term projects and service contracts with both the public and private sectors.
Owner The State’s entire ownership of Destia was transferred to Ahlström Capital on 1 July 2014. Destia Ltd continues its role as a successful, dynamic market player.
Personnel Our skilled and motivated staff serve our customers and infrastructure users daily all over Finland. Human resources development is one of the company’s strategic areas of focus.
Subcontractors and partners Destia works with thousands of suppliers every year. Many of the services required by Destia are acquired from local providers. The company has built a solid network of reliable suppliers for its operations.
Infrastructure users, neighbours Destia pays particular attention to the safety of and communication with the users of roads and other infrastructure and the people living and working in our vicinity.
Authorities In Destia’s business, quality, safety and environmental issues are some of the key elements considered in the provision of services. We comply with the general requirements set out in legislation and the special requirements of each project or service contract.
Decision-makers Infrastructure is an essential element of Finland’s success and smooth everyday life. Political decisions contribute to the operating environment that covers the entire country and Destia’s services. Public spending is controlled through transparency and strict rules for bidding competitions. Destia does not support any political parties.

Stakeholders’ and personnel’s views on essential issues

In 2013, Destia’s corporate responsibility workgroup had outlined the company's views on essential issues and their role in the company’s business. In 2014, chief shop stewards, customers, subcontractors and suppliers were interviewed on their views and expectations regarding Destia’s responsibility, which helped us see the issue from the perspective of our personnel, stakeholders and other partners. We receive a lot of feedback at other times, too, as part of each project, for example.

The interviewees’ expectations focused on service issues in particular, such as client-supplier relations, contractor’s liability, Destia’s expertise and a successful service package.

Destia’s work on promoting safety and ensuring society’s operations was highly appreciated. The company’s management of environmental effects, too, was considered a success. According to the interviewees, Destia was a major employer of local workforce, an important taxpayer and an essential player in Finnish economy.

Where Destia could do more is customer relations. People appreciate the quality and the innovative solutions as well Destia’s prices and feel that Destia should advertise its successes more.

According to the shop stewards, the personnel are skilled workers and proud of it. As an employer, Destia was praised for its promotion of commitment and its work on the personnel’s wellbeing and safety and personnel development. Commonly viewed challenges derive from tight competition in the market and efforts to surpass customers’ expectations even where the nature of the contracts may set limits to such efforts. Regional mobility of Destia employees is a common goal in the company.