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Yes, we can! – the Hajallaan project brings services closer

The number of people living in remote regions continues to decrease while the distances to services are increasing. One solution to this is the Hajallaan project devised by Destia, which tries to improve the vitality of remote villages. The project aims to bring services to people and to take them to the services. A trial with Hajallaan is beginning in winter 2014−2015 and service requests are being organised by the road weather maintenance centre Kelikeskus of Destia and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Transportation is managed alongside Destia's regional road maintenance contract. In the Hajallaan project, services are provided through resources that already exist. When Kelikeskus receives requests for transportation centrally, it can select the best routes and timetables.

Almost 670 people live in the trial area, and some of them live as much as 90 kilometres from the municipal centre of Suomussalmi. In addition to transportation arrangements, residents are also offered, for example, computer training at the village hall and placing orders on the internet, so that online shopping can improve the availability of services.

The Hajallaan trial originated from the planning desk of Hannu Karttunen, Destia’s leading expert in project development. The project is an example of the creation of a new way of working and of social responsibility.