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Upward Trend In Employee Safety Continues

Improving occupational safety is a key challenge in the construction business as it has a significant impact on both industry productivity and employer attractiveness. The upward trend in the industrial safety for Destia’s employees continued in 2014. The trend in the number of accidents can be followed on Desnet, Destia’s intranet, with a counter showing the number of injury-free days for each business unit. Periods of 120 consecutive injury-free days in any unit are rewarded by the company.

Destia's employees are encouraged to improve the safety of their own work environments and to make safety observations. Employees who have made any safety observations will take part in quarterly lotteries for prizes and the numbers of observations made at each unit can be followed on the intranet front page. In 2014, a total of 799 safety observations were made (400 in 2013).