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The Riippa−Eskola double track contract is Finland's largest Design & Build track construction project

Destia is carrying out the contract for the Riippa−Eskola mid part of the Kokkola−Ylivieska track project based on the Design & Build procurement model. This is Finland’s largest Design & Build track construction project. The contract entails the renovation of old track and the construction of new track over a 30 kilometers distance. This extensive project also includes traffic system-related construction projects, the removal of level crossings and their replacement with multilevel interchanges and other road arrangements. About 40 kilometers of service and private roads will also be built in the area. The electrification system will be upgraded to meet the requirements of the double track. The project also includes the construction and demolition of bridges. The double-track section from Kokkola to Ylivieska will be built in three parts, and is expected to be fully completed by mid-2017.