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Salt and grit prevent slippery conditions

Finnish weather conditions are a challenge for traffic safety. Slippery conditions in particular are something that every road-user encounters every year. In Destia’s maintenance contracts, the road network is kept in condition according to the requirements of the Finnish Transport Agency. Salting and gritting are the methods used to prevent slipperiness. Salt is also used in summer to combat dust.

Destia is aware of the challenges to the environment caused by salt and grit. They are, however, the most effective and natural ways to prevent slippery conditions. The infrastructure sector has also experimented with the use of chemicals to replace salt. For reasons of cost, their use has so far mostly been restricted to groundwater areas indicated by the customer. It might be a surprising fact that, in Finland, salt is used much less than in Central European and other Nordic countries, for instance.

Every year, Destia uses 60,000–90,000 tonnes of salt, and about 350,000 tonnes of grit. Weather conditions have a decisive impact on these volumes.