Building the Bigger Picture Piece by Piece  

LNG terminal erected at Tahkoluoto in Pori

A huge LNG terminal is being built at Tahkoluoto in Pori. LNG stands for liquefied natural gas. It can be transported by tanker vessels over long distances. The LNG terminal of Skangass, a subsidiary of Gasum, is rising up quickly and gas will flow in its pipes in summer 2016.

At the site, Destia is responsible for the construction of the concrete outer shell of the tank that will hold 30,000 m³. The height of the completed tank will equal that of a 12-storey block of flats. The tank is a typical full-containment tank, consisting of two tanks. The inner tank is made of cold-resistant steel and the outer of reinforced concrete.

Work began at the site in early August 2014, and LNG tankers will begin to transport liquefied natural gas there in summer 2016. For Destia, the contract will end in autumn 2015 when the tank’s working holes have been filled.

Our main partners in the project are Neste Jacobs, which is in charge of planning, procurement, implementation and project management services, and FCC Industrial of Spain, responsible for the construction of the LNG tank.

Knowledge of local conditions is very important in difficult weather conditions. The icy wind blowing from the Gulf of Bothnia and the severe frost are new to FCC, which is why Destia’s expertise in managing difficult weather conditions is crucial to the success of the work. This expertise has been emphasised in both the handling of the special-quality concrete and in the control of welding conditions.