Building the Bigger Picture Piece by Piece  

Land surveys and positioning services expand through aerial photography done by an aerial mapping robot

Destia’s latest land survey and positioning service is represented by aerial photography done by a flying aerial mapping robot. Destia uses a Camflight8 robot meant for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) mapping.

From the images taken in flight, a computer compiles an orthophoto mosaic, or a scale summary of the aerial images. With the images, a three-dimensional stereo model of the terrain is created, and then with the aid of calculation software, a point cloud of the surface of the ground is produced. By means of a point cloud, it is possible to calculate the precise volume of gravel in a gravel pit, for example. Aerial photography is very suitable for the mapping and quantity surveying of areas of soil, thanks to the 3D point cloud material and orthophoto mosaic received as a result of it. The mapping robot has photographed, among other things, gravel extraction areas and mineral reserves owned by Destia. By means of aerial imaging, the customer also gets source data about the terrain for planning purposes.

High-quality initial data ensure cost-efficiency in all planning, optimisation and follow-up tasks in every industry.