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Destia's iLIITU is a new kind of traffic safety service

Destia offers a comprehensive range of traffic planning services from regional traffic safety plans to preliminary surveys and traffic safety assessments connected with the plans. Traffic safety work is based on interactiveness, continuity and systematic implementation. In order to boost municipal traffic safety work, directing work from project-based work towards constant systematic activity has been proposed. Destia’s response to the need raised by customers is iLIITU.

iLIITU is a new-era geographic information-based tool and operating model for traffic safety work developed by Destia, which covers all areas of traffic safety work. In iLIITU, up-to-date safety information is always available. In the new operating model, municipalities, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and other actors can flexibly make use of the services that suit their needs under the iLIITU concept. The service is already in use in over 40 organisations.

From iLIITU information, the customer can find out about accidents by area, types of accidents and conditions in which they occurred. iLIITU offers the customer not only planning but also a diverse selection of summaries, maps and analyses. Clear indicators engage to constant monitoring and development. The system also contains new instructions and guidelines concerning traffic safety. The internet-based iLIITU concept is easy to duplicate and thus enables the more extensive utilisation of the information platform.