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Destia renovates the Old Bridge at Pori

Destia has renovated the Pori Bridge over the River Kokemäki built in 1926. The bridge is in the centre of the city of Pori.

Under the terms of the contract, the steel structures of the bridge were repaired and surfaced and the con-crete structures and all the bridge's surface structures were replaced. Improvements were also made to the bridge's drainage and its intermediate stone struts were repaired. The bridge's total length is approximately 150 metres. The bridge is very demanding in terms of its site classification and is of major historical signifi-cance.

The customer for the project was the city of Pori. The work began in February 2014, and the bridge was open again in September, a month ahead of schedule.

Destia uses the innovative working methods it has developed itself to build and repair bridges. These help to speed up repairs and facilitate the various stages of the work. The patented method it uses to renovate bridg-es speedily may, for example, significantly reduce the time spent on the repair of a bridge's superstructure. Destia is constantly developing new working methods, for example, for moulding technology and for the rein-forcement of structures.