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Destia Employed Around 150 Summer Trainees

Destia wants to be the most attractive company in its sector for those just graduating in the infrastructure industry. One way to attract the best experts to come and work for Destia that has been found to be successful is the company's comprehensive summer trainee programme. Every summer around 150 young participants in the programme are offered a job. The majority of trainees are students of University of Applied Sciences students in the construction or technology field.

Students accumulate skills in different jobs in the infrastructure industry. Examples of the selection include design, production tasks, road, street and rail environment-related projects, rock construction and geotechnical and bridge design. First year students carry out their training employed in auxiliary tasks on construction sites and in maintenance contracts. More advanced students have the opportunity to be involved in specialist, supervisory and site engineering training.

The summer trainee programme is part of Destia's strategic process, where each unit decides how many trainees it needs the following summer. When the summer is over, there is a feedback discussion session with each trainee, in which they are asked if they wish to continue their training the following summer. The best trainees are offered a chance to continue working for Destia – though this time carrying out rather more demanding tasks.