Building the Bigger Picture Piece by Piece  

Building the bigger picture – E18 improves the fluency of traffic

National Road 7 is part of Finland’s most important and busiest international E18 road connection and of the Nordic Triangle traffic system prioritised as important by the European Union. It connects the Nordic capital cities to each other, to elsewhere in Europe and to Russia.

The construction of the E18 Koskenkylä−Kotka motorway is a project implemented on the basis of the life cycle model, in which the Finnish Transport Agency is the customer and Tieyhtiö Valtatie 7 Oy the service provider. The contractor is Pulteri, a joint venture of Destia and YIT Construction. In the life cycle model, the service provider is responsible for the planning, construction, financing and maintenance tasks of the motorway until 2026.

The E18 Koskenkylä−Kotka project began in November 2011. The project includes 36 kilometres of new motorway and 17 kilometres of upgrading existing road. The motorway was already partially opened to traffic in 2013, and fully opened in 2014. A total of 68 bridges were also built in the project. Key features from a landscape perspective, such as noise barriers and bridges crossing waterways, were made completely transparent for the first time in Finland.

Traffic telematics introduced between Porvoo and Kotka are also visible to all road users. The telematics monitor the volume and speed of traffic, as well as local environmental conditions. By means of this information, traffic can be controlled with remotely-controlled traffic signs and information boards. The aim of the E18 development project is also to improve traffic fluency and safety.

For Destia, large road projects requiring special expertise are part of its core business and strategic focus.