Values and ethical guidelines

We are guided by strong values and ethical guidelines. It is important to us that Destia employees and management follow our values and comply with the guidelines. In addition, all our contracting parties must commit to the ethical guidelines for contracting parties.

Our values: fairness, togetherness, renewal and success

We work fairly and on the basis of customer needs, together. We do not stay put as we know how to renew ourselves. This is why we succeed.

With leadership, we build a corporate culture in line with our values. According to our leadership promise, we coach our winning team by being present, giving responsibility, being encouraging, and showing example.


We want to be our customers’ most reliable partner. We strive to achieve our results responsibly and we also carry our responsibility for the living environment.


We care for each other as well as for our customers and partners. Our cooperation is based on openness and the common interest is our highest priority.


Continuous improvement guides us every day – that is why we are boldly developing our skills and operating methods. We always work with the customer in focus.


The customer’s success is also our success. Our goals are set high and we aim to exceed them. A winning team is created as we exceed our goals together.

Ethical guidelines as the basis for our operations

Destia’s ethical guidelines bring together our values and mutually accepted principles of operation. Our ethical guidelines consist of ten rules:

We comply with the legislation and the agreements that bind us. We are up to date with changes in legislation relating to our work. We know and understand the content of the agreements.

We are committed to the principles of fair and open competition. We comply with the competition legislation in all our operations. We operate in a professional and ethical manner.

We respect the environment and reduce environmental damage. We take into account the environmental impacts of our operations.

We do not take or give bribes. We always make business decisions with Destia’s best interests in mind.

Our hospitality is always reasonable. We do not use our hospitality to influence decision making.

Destia is religiously and politically independent. We do not represent Destia in religious or political contexts.

We communicate transparently. We tell our personnel honestly and transparently about matters that concern them. We welcome media enquiries.

We act in an equal manner and respect and care for each other. We are each responsible for creating and maintaining a good working atmosphere. We intervene in cases of inappropriate treatment.

We ensure safe and healthy working conditions. We address safety deficiencies and report them without delay. We respect the balance of work and leisure time of our personnel.

We actively monitor the implementation of our ethical guidelines. We know and understand the content of the ethical guidelines. We report misconduct to a supervisor or through the whistleblowing channel.

Ethical guidelines for contracting parties

We require that all our contracting parties comply with Destia’s ethical guidelines for contracting parties (Supplier Code of Conduct). In this way, we ensure that our contracting parties for example, comply with legislation and agreements, ensure fair working conditions and a safe working environment for their employees, and operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Whistleblowing channel

We have a whistleblowing channel, through which anyone, such as a Destia employee or a contracting partner, can submit a notification if they suspect or notice that our actions have violated our ethical guidelines. With the help of the whistleblowing channel, we promote transparency and openness in our organisation.

Our whistleblowing channel is administered by an external service provider. You can submit your report either under your own name or anonymously. All reports are handled confidentially. Your name will not be made public and you will not be penalised for reporting misconduct.

The whistleblowing channel is only intended to monitor compliance with our ethical guidelines and to address misconduct. Customer feedback, complaints and development requests related to HR matters must be addressed to the appropriate responsible persons.