Social responsibility – focus on safety and well-being

Safety is a key element of our social responsibility. We want to guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees and subcontractors working at our sites, and also ensure the traffic safety of road users. We are a significant employer in our industry and respect our employees’ rights and the collective and other agreements that bind us.

We are an employer and infrastructure operator that promotes equality. In all our activities, we treat everyone equally, regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality and ethnicity.

Project-specific safety planning

Our business is project-oriented, which means that we work in changing and varying circumstances. In addition to our common safety procedures, we consider project-specific safety issues first from the perspective of the entire project and then examine them in more detail for each phase of the project as the project goes on.

As many of our projects are carried out along traffic routes, traffic safety is a particular priority for us. We plan and implement traffic arrangements that increase the safety of vehicle traffic, our employees and, if necessary, railway traffic at our sites. We ensure traffic safety during maintenance work by, for example, having high-quality markings on the equipment and correctly timing the work.

The target is zero accidents

We always aim for zero accidents at our sites.  Every Destia employee is responsible for performing their duties safely and looking after their co-workers’ safety so that our sites are both safe and healthy places to work.

We address safety issues without delay. We hold regular briefings for our employees and subcontractors on occupational safety and the ways to manage it. We require that our subcontractors commit to the same strict safety standards as we do.

Our safety management is based on the ISO 45001 standard

In our operations, we comply with occupational health and safety procedures stated in ISO 45001 standard. In addition to ISO 45001 certificate, our integrated management system has ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management certificates. Certified operating method is the basis of our operations.

Renewing and developing together

We invest in continuous learning and the development of our employees’ qualifications. We believe that the creation of learning opportunities and the long-term development of our employees’ competence will ensure our competitiveness in the future.

Required qualifications at our sites

We require all persons working on our sites to have a valid Occupational Safety Card and Road Safety 1 qualification. They must also participate in a site induction, which deals with site-specific safety issues.

Important qualifications in our industry

  • Occupational Safety Card
  • Road Safety 1 qualification
  • Railway occupational safety qualifications
  • Professional qualifications of truck drivers
  • Some of our roles also require different levels of electricity industry qualifications

We systematically and regularly monitor the work ability and well-being of our employees We cooperate closely with pension insurance companies and occupational health care providers to prevent challenges and react quickly to any challenges. We also participate in the Työ ei syrji (“Work does not discriminate”) campaign organised by the Confederation of Finnish Industries.