Corporate responsibility – our work is guided by ethics

We are guided by strong values and ethical guidelines. It is important to us that every Destia employee follows them. In addition, all of our contracting parties are required to commit to our ethical guidelines for contracting parties, which aim to ensure that our partners comply with laws, ensure fair and equal terms of employment for their employees as well as a safe working environment and operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

We are committed to the UN Global Compact initiative’s principles related to human rights, labour legislation, the environment and anti-corruption.

We have a whistleblowing channel, through which anyone – for example, a Destia employee or a contracting partner – can submit a report if they suspect or notice that our actions have violated our ethical guidelines.

Training and clear practices ensure that our operations are appropriate

We offer our employees a wide range of training and induction opportunities to help with their professional development and meet the requirements set for our operations.

We have zero tolerance for corruption, the grey economy, competition law violations and other abuses. Every Destia employee must take part in annual compliance training, with which we increase and maintain our employees’ knowledge of the legal requirements. Legal requirements are also taken into account in our contracts.

Responsible delivery chain

The customer is always our number one priority. We keep our promises and provide the services in accordance with the set objectives efficiently, economically and with high quality.

In Finland, we operate nationwide and cooperate with thousands of suppliers. As part of our projects, we supplement our fleet and expertise by using reliable and highly competent subcontractors and high-quality suppliers of materials. We procure these services locally, which is why we are also a significant local employer. By providing long-term and consistently developing cooperation, we are a desired partner that is able to ensure the success of the project and the entire supply chain.

Each year, we procure a substantial quantity of materials, products and supplies from Finland and abroad. Significant purchases include various steel and concrete products, as well as road salt used to combat slippery conditions. We always ensure that the materials comply with the customer’s requirements and meet the quality and safety requirements set out by law and decrees.

We comply with our values and ethical guidelines in all procurement. In addition to complying with laws and regulations, we require from our partners the right skills and a willingness to comply with our operating models and safety and environmental requirements.

Destia participates in the ACI responsibility project

We are taking part in the Ahlström Collective Impact (ACI) project, which aims to focus strategic investments on selected UN Sustainable Development Goals. Together with ACI, we are committed to long-term cooperation in support of UNICEF in Finland. Although our operations are concentrated in Finland and the Nordic countries, building a sustainable future requires a global perspective.